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What to Bring?

We hope you will find the following information helpful for planning your trip with us. 


Outpost Trips


Bath towel

Rain suit

2-3 complete changes of clothing

1 pair jogging clothes & slippers

1 extra pair shoes

1 light weight jacket

1 hat

1 sweatshirt

1 flashlight (small)

1 camera

1 can bug repellent

1 small first aid kit per group



Kitchen towels

Personal bath items & medications

Toilet paper

Paper towel

Wooden matches or Lighter

Garbage bags

Dish soap

Aluminum foil

1 box mosquito coils

1 package disposable dish cloths

bottled water

  • Pack all groceries in cardboard boxes, which can be burned.

  • Please limit coolers to one medium-sized cooler per 2-3 people. Please DO NOT pack in over-sized coolers.

  • Pack all other gear in soft-sided duffel bags, no more than 50lbs each.

  • Each person may pack 150lbs of gear or less.

  • Do not bring beverages in glass bottles – cans only.

  • Sort your tackle box before your trip.

  • If possible, put your fishing rods in tubes and make sure all lures are off the lines.

  • You will be checked to replenish your supply of live bait and ice and make sure you are all well and having a great trip!

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American Plan Trips

You’ll be staying in one of our seven modern cabins overlooking beautiful Sabaskong Bay on Lake of the Woods. Each is fully furnished, all electric and fully modern with hot showers. Several have fireplaces or woodstoves for added charm. All linens are furnished and daily maid service is included. Breakfast and dinner are served up in the Lodge where you’ll enjoy remarkable, northern cuisine in a spectacular setting. Wi-fi also available up in Lodge. RELAX and enjoy roughing it ‘Tinker’s-style’!

Weather is changeable, so clothing should include several long and short-sleeved shirts, a couple of sweatshirts, jeans, shorts, rubber boots or boat shoes, GOOD RAINGEAR, insect repellent, sunscreen, and a brimmed hat. For early spring or late fall trips, you’ll also want to include long underwear and insulated raingear. Be sure to bring along an adequate supply of any required medications, POLARIZED SUNGLASSES and don’t forget the camera!

You can purchase your Ontario fishing license in our main Lodge, and all live bait is included. Tackle should include a lightweight spinning rig with 6 – 8 lb. test line, a medium-action bait-casting rod, plus a spare rod and reel. For walleye, you’ll want plenty of ¼ oz. lead jigs tied directly onto your line and tipped with either a live minnow or a plastic grubtail. Little Cleos, #3 and #4 Mepps spinners, chrome-colored rattle traps and rapalas are all good lake trout lures. 3/8 and ¼ oz. spinner baits, crank baits and weedless spoons work well for northern pike any time of day. #2 Mepps, torpedos, various surface baits or a jig with a twister tail are all good bass baits.

CROSSING THE BORDER: A passport is required for re-entry into the U.S. when returning home, and is the ideal form of identification for your entry into Canada. Travelers with children should also carry a notarized letter of permission from the parent/s of any children not your own, or for whom you do not have legal custody. You are allowed to bring personal clothing, gear and a reasonable amount of food when entering Canada. U.S. visitors are allowed to bring EITHER a 40 oz. bottle of liquor OR a case of 24 beer, plus one carton of cigarettes duty free. No handguns or fully-automatic weapons under 26 inches are permitted. Pets over 3 months old must have a valid, current rabies vaccination certificate.


Fishing Gear

* Fishing tackle

* 2 rods per person – 1 light and 1 medium action rod (take hooks off for flying)

* 6# test line (light rod)

* 10-12# test line (medium rod)

* 1 filet knife

* 1 stringer

* 1 needle nose pliers

* 50-60 1/8 – ¼ oz jigs

* 50 twister tails 2 ½”

* 4 Rapalas 5-7” length

* 4 crank baits that run 10-15 inches deep

* 5-6 spoons

* 12 six inch leaders

* live bait (minnows are highly recommended & supplied for free)

* life jacket

* fishing license

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